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Another date with the best age of hardcore. As we announced a few days ago, we started having regular updates on classical hardcore movies every 10-15 days. Today we present Osceno, in which the popular Marina Lotar and Karin Schubert gave their best. The plot is very simple: two bored women meet every week to tell their sexual dreams. Their voices are only an introduction, fortunately these dreams can be watched on the screen.

Concetta Licata

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Many of our members wrote to say they appreciated our last incursions in hardcore genre, so we planned to propose more movie clips from this genre. As a matter of fact, many cult movies come from this discussed genre, and any collector knows how rare some of these movies are. After the sex performances by Lilli Carati, Marina Lotar and other actresses coming from the Italian Sexy Comedy, today we present some clips coming from a masterpiece of Italian hardcore, with the beautiful Selen: Concetta Licata. This movie was directed by Mario Salieri, one of the main directors in neorealistic hardcore (porn neorealism), and it is one of the masterpieces in Italian hardcore. Starting today, you can find a complete review and many clips in our archives.

Evil Senses

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Our users love Monica Guerritore, one of the best actresses in Italian Erotic movies. She’s so fascinating and intriguing that none can avoid to remember this beautiful woman. After some very intriguing movies, today we present a new chapter in erotic cinema history- We’re speaking of Evil Senses, with Monica Guerritore, Mimsy Farmer and a beautiful Gioia Maria Scola. For this movie, you can find the complete review, data and many clips in our archives.