1) I proceed with subscription but CCBill doesn’t accept my subscription. What can I do?

You can ask directly CCBILL CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you have a trouble, you can also write us sending your complete name, surname and email you used to subscribe. We’ll contact CCBill for your case and then we’ll tell you. DON’T send your credit card number, only name and email address.

2) Have your subscriptions an authomatic rebill?

Only our monthly subscription has an authomatic rebill. 3 an 6 months subscriptions haven’t an authomatic rebill. If you want to go on with your subscription, you must do it manually.

3) What I’m going to read on my credit card bill? Nude celebrities? Your site name? My wife wouldn’t be happy…

NO, of course. Payment is done by CCBill and mentioned as CCBill payment. CCBill is a worldwide leader company for online payments and many online magazines, newspapers, news services, weather news and so on use CCBill for subscriptions. So you can say it is … what you want.

4) How do I unsubscribe from CinemaCult.com?

Once you reach CCBill unsubscribe page, you can cancel the rebilling function of your subscription. This will NOT automatically shut off your access to CinemaCult.com. After you cancel the re-bill, you will still have access to CinemaCult.com for the duration of your last paid subscription.
If you have difficulty unsubscribing, CLICK HERE to send a message to our customer service department and a representative will respond to your request shortly!

5) I have a question regarding charges to my credit card. What do I need to do?


6) What are the different types of video formats you offer and which should I use?

Until summer 2010 we used the DivX codec, the most diffused in the world. Since July 2010 we’ve introduced the H.264 codec with an extension .mp4. H.264 offers higer quality in files of comprable size.
Both DivX and H.264 movies works with the most common players (Windows Media Player, QuickTime…), but with the DivX you need to download and install the (free) codec from the official site (DivX.com).
We suggest to use the most diffused software VLC, ready for any Operative System, that enables you to use all the formats without any trouble (you can find it on VideoLan.org).

7) How do I download clips?

You can click with the right mouse button on the image previews you find in any movie review. Then choose “Save Link As” or the most similar from the menu.