Caray con el divorcio nude scenes

Caray con el divorcio

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Spanish cinema, as the Italian one, has an erotic comedy tradition and a long list of beautiful actresses. Vanessa Hidalgo is one of the most popular out of Spain, but there are some less popular actresses you’d like to discover. We’ve started updating our archives with new reviews and clips from these movies. Today we present Caray con el divorcio, a comedy that presents four nude celebrities and four different beauties. The first is Vanessa Hidalgo, who gives us beautiful nude scenes where she’s total naked. Then, for the big boobs lovers there’s Nadine Rochex, one of our preferred. If you like the MILF genre, you’ll like the soft Mabel Escaño. Finally, if you like a more shy and natural beauty, you’ll like María Salerno. An update you can’t loose, as usual.