Barbarella nude scenes


Directed By: Roger Vadim

For us, dealing with cult films and erotic films, Barbarella is undoubtedly a fundamental chapter. Taken from the homonymous comic book, the story of this space and time traveler has remained in the collective imagination to this days. Barbarella was a symbol of feminism but also a symbol of fashion, with her clothes designed by Paco Rabannne. She’s also a symbol of eroticism, as declared by headlines, with a space striptease of beautiful Jane Fonda, who was also the only actress to accept the work after the rejects of big names such as Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Virna Lisi. The critique demolished the film and only a few went to the cinema to see it. It was obviously too modern because 50 years later the film became a cult for over a generation.

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