Colpo Grosso: Stripteases

We go on with our reviews on the famous tv show Colpo Grosso. This is a new update with some new clips! Today we present a new review on the stripteases in this tv show with the best strips. This is the nude celebrities list: Amanda ForbesAngelique RinkelJaqueline HammondKaren KennedyMarina Lopez ArtoMelinda ArmstrongMisty McCaineNadia VisintainerNatacha VelimirovicNikki FoleyRachel Stephens, Simone BurkhardStefania Valentini and Zara Whites.

Colpo Grosso: EuroGirls vol. 2

Let’s talk of the mythical sexy quiz Colpo Grosso, which still gathers many fans around him after 25 years. And let’s talk of Eurogirls, beautiful girls that competitors could strip as a reward for their wins in the game. Many of them were unfortunately unknown, but others have their name engraved in our hearts, as Amanda Forbes, Dorte M Nielsen, the prosperous Kerry Riebel, the super-blonde Jakki Wallace and Nikki Foley, the Asian Laminah Jones, Melinda Russel, Mikki Brenner, Tracey Harper … In a few words, even this new update dedicated to Colpo Grosso is full of nude celebrities. Many video clips that you will be happy to see again and again.

Colpo Grosso: Manya

Nude celebrities from this movie:

We’ve another new update on the cult tv show Colpo Grosso. After Monique Sluyter‘s monography, it is time we present Manya, today a very famous pornstar. She appeared many time in this show at the end of the nineties, as one of the competitors. In our archives you can find a complete article and many clips to illustrate it.

Colpo Grosso: Monique Sluyter

Nude celebrities from this movie:

We go on with monographies dedicated to the cult tv show Colpo Grosso. Today is time for the most appreciated blond in this show: Monique Sluyter. Her monography, with many video clips, is in our archives.

Colpo Grosso: Lori Ghidini

Nude celebrities from this movie:

We’re going on with Colpo Grosso‘s biographies. After the Eurogirls and the competitors, this time we speak of one character only, Lori Ghidini, who was the competitor in the Colpo Grosso season presented by Maurizia Paradiso. As always, you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives.

Colpo Grosso: Alma Lo Moro

Nude celebrities from this movie:

We don’t forget our monographies on the many characters from Colpo Grosso, the cut sexy show. It was viewed in Germany and Sweden too, with the name Tutti Frutti. Today we present the actress Alma Lo Moro, one of the cin-cin girls and a competitor both in Colpo Grosso and Tutti Frutti. You can find a complete monography and many clips in our daily update.