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How to Be Single

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How to be single talks about some girls, starting with the one who takes a break from the boyfriend to the one who meets men known on dating sites, to the gynecologist, to the woman who has only one night’s adventures… No nudes, but very sexy actresses: Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie and Caroline Lowe. Among the sexy sequences there is one that takes place on St. Patrick’s Day, so we couldn’t resist showing it today!

My Tutor

Bobby has some shortcomings in French courses, so his family provides him with a tutor, played by the beautiful Caren Kaye. He is a horny teen, she is a fabulous blonde who practices nudism. It is easy to imagine how he cares about studing French, while he is totally fallen in love by his teacher… Caren Kaye naked in many sequences. Furthermore, the participation of the mythical and prosperous Kitten Natividad!

Survival Island

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Who would not want to end up on a desert island with the beautiful and busty Kelly Brook? This is what happens to Manuel, the servant of a millionaire and his prosperous wife. After a shipwreck, he’s on an island with this big-boobed, round-ass woman and… well, how it ends up, you know. Unfortunately for him the husband will arrive on the island and the situation will become complicated. Survival Island gives us numerous unmissable scenes with the beautiful protagonist Kelly Brook.


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In Burlesque Christina Aguilera plays a village girl who dreams of becoming a stripper who sings a lot and undresses a little. In any case, it appears on the screen in really very, very horny clothes. Next to her, Kristen Bell and Julianne Hough give us supersexy performances in lingerie and stockings. Apart from some nice ass that sways before our eyes, there are not many nude scenes in this movie, yet it’s all a long series of exciting moments! We have selected the best sequences and you find them in our archives.

Kiss and Kill

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A woman spends a night of unbridled lust, but someone photographs and blackmails her. She does not want to go to the police, so she decides to find a way to destroy those shots. The part of this film that interests us most is the one related to the night of unbridled lust, of course, but not only this one. This film is a riot of tits and asses! Hot showers, lesbian scenes, autoeroticism… The nude actresses are Karlie Montana, Kira Noir and Megan Medellin.

Lilli Carati’s Dreams

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Just before her hardcore years, Lilli Carati played in a softcore movie that was distributed only in the home video market, titled Lilli Carati’s Dreams. Extremely rare, this film marks the passage of this icon of Italian cinema from the mainstream to the hardcore and is highly required by her fans. Not only Lilli Carati‘s fans, but also the prosperous Marcella Petrelli‘s followers. Lesbian scenes in the bathtub, masturbation and total naked scenes are the only plot of this film. Yet another exclusive update of CinemaCult. The clips taken from this movie are in our archives.