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Femi Benussi nude from Carnalità

Carnalità is a rare film from 1974 and tells the story of a man who has sex with many lovers while his wife is sick in bed. For nude actresses belovers, this film offers a very interesting trio: Femi Benussi, Erna Schurer and Sonia Viviani. Three beautiful women and three queens of Italian nude films from the 70’s. The sequences are many and all interesting. Sex scenes, naked women tanning on the beach, sexy dresses, sex on the kitchen table… In short, there are all the ingredients we do like!

Mata Hari


Sylvia Kristel nude from Mata Hari

Who loves Sylvia Kristel naked will enjoy the sequences from the Emmanuelle’s film saga. But but in our opinion the nicest scenes are the ones that are in the movie Mata Hari. The story of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, a Dutch dancer and secret agent, is popular. Not everyone knows that among the many actresses who interpreted this character over the years has been the beautiful Sylvia Kristel, in a film in which nude scenes are many, some of them really exciting. Then there is the long sequence of love that includes oral sex practiced to Kristel, in which she plays with great transport.

Mimi Rogers nude from Full Body Massage

Mimi Rogers plays a rich lady who enjoys a relaxing massage at Douglas, once a week. But one day she finds a new massager, Fitch, with whom she instantly establishes a deep understanding. We do not spoil you on the plot, because we are interested only in Mimi Rogers nude. And in this movie she has been naked for a long time, since all the clothes are obviously taken off for massaging. If you like curvy women, the video clips from this movie are unmissable. Mimi Rogers presents us one of the most beautiful topless of the cinemas in the 90’s.

Carole Laure nude from La tête de Normande St-Onge

The beautiful Carole Laure shows us a lot in the movie La tête de Normande St-Onge. Among the many scenes, you can’t forget a long masturbation by her partner, while she’s laying on the bed, her t-shirt raised to reveal her breasts and a pair of white woolen garments. A very long and very exciting sequence. But the video clips from this movie are many and they are all fabulous. If you want to enjoy the naked scenes of this Canadian actress in her best years, this update is yours!

Hilary Shepard nude from Private Resort

Two guys are the guests of a resort where they will spend a weekend. Obviously their only interest will be to chase girls with bikini… Fortunately, some of these girls decides not to wear it! Do not miss the sequences with nude actresses from this movie. Hilary Shepard prays totally naked in front of the image of her guru and Vickie Benson gets a hot shower… or at least, it’s hot for us! And if you are attracted to mature women, Leslie Easterbrook will delight you with her transparent clothes.

Esther Moser, Kali Hansa and Pilar Coll lesbo scene from Mädchen im Nachtverkehr

Kali Hansa sucking a banana, lesbian e threesome scenes … You can find all these and more in videos from Mädchen im Nachtverkehr, the film we talk about today, signed by one of our personal myths: Jesus Franco. Also known as Girls in the Night Traffic, the film tells the story of three prostitutes living together and talking about adventures with their clients. Kali Hansa nude is a pleasure for our eyes. Next to her are two fabulous nude actresses: Esther Moser and Pilar Coll. Be ready for this unmissable update!