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Lilli Carati nude from La professoressa di scienze naturali

Another interesting update! Today we present some movie clips from La professoressa di scienze naturali (AKA School Days) with a beautiful Lilli Carati, together with Ria De Simone and Serena Bennato (it is really a myth that scene in which Ria De Simone is covered with spaghetti by Gianfranco D’Angelo!).

Natalie Portman nude from No Strings Attached

Today is Christmas, and we need a Christmas update. We looked a little around and we chose Natalie Portman showing her tits while kissing under the tree. The sequence, along with other super sexy sequences, is from the movie No Strings Attached, a comedy that tells the story of two friends with benefits. Besides Natalie Portman in this movie it is one of the most beautiful actresses of contemporary cinema: Lake Bell. Sequences you can’t loose, with which we wish you a Happy Christmas.

La Liceale


Gloria Guida nude from La Liceale

La Liceale (AKA The Teasers) is a very rich movie, with intriguing scenes and many nude skin. The first total nude announced in front titles, too. All the movie is a long parade of nude bodies: the main character is the fabulous Gloria Guida, one of the most beautiful actresses in Italian movies. Together with her, the young and still far from porn industry Ilona Staller. A movie that all the nude celebrities collectors appreciate. We present a complete review with some clips to illustrate it, and you’ll be astonished by these videos!

Forget Me Not


Genevieve O'Reilly nude from Forget Me Not

We are still thrilled by the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story vision and of course we go on searching naked actresses among the protagonists of the film. After Felicity Jones is the turn of Genevieve O’Reilly, who in Rogue One (and also in Episode III) plays Mon Mothma, one of the key figures of the Rebellion. Her nude scenes are from the film Forget Me Not, which gives us some nice sequences, including a topless in the foreground. Enjoy them in our archives.

Valentine Demy nude from Pomeriggio Caldo

Valentine Demy is known to be one of the greatest Italian pornstar, but we – lovers of the genre films – remember her for a vast production of softcore films in the late ’80s and the ’90s. Among his many films, today we remember an erotic/horror movie made by Joe D’Amato, the title is Pomeriggio caldo (AKA 11 Days 11 Nights Part 3) A journalist investigates a sect and meets a woman who mourns her husband’s death, killed in a voodoo ritual. Valentine Demy naked, but also the beautiful Sally Carey naked, who unfortunately disappeared from the scenes after this film.

Chalet Girl


Felicity Jones nude from Chalet Girl

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrived in theaters around the world and all fans of the saga are already in love with Felicity Jones, the rebel Jyn Erso. Many of our members ask for sequences with Felicity Jones nude, but she is an actress who has been stripping a few in front of cameras, until now. We present her in the super-sexy version with some video clips taken from Chalet Girl. And may the Force be with you!