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Porco Mondo


Barbara Rey and Karin Well nude from Porco Mondo

It’s hard to classify Porco Mondo in a genre. This movie from 1978 made by Sergio Bergonzelli, mixed many themes, from drug-movie to detective story. We’re lucky it has two high-level nude actresses: Karin Well and Barbara Rey. After years of research, we’ve finally found some good video clips and we can ejoy Karin Well nude, one of the actresses we prefer. You can’t miss the long lesbo scene with her and Barbara Rey.

Anna Falchi nude from Giovani e belli

It’s a lot of time since we spoke of the beautiful Anna Falchi nude. We do it today, taking some clips from the movie Giovani e belli in which Anna plays a gipsy who falls in love with two men. In the same time. And, waiting to see which man she would marry, we enjoy some nude scenes with her. It is too hard to be indifferent to Anna Falchi‘s round ass. In this movie, there is also Adelina Gnisci, an actress who made only a couple of movies in the ’90s and we remember her just for her big tits.

Il traduttore


Claudia Gerini nude from Il traduttore

Anna wants the diary of her died husband to be translated, because it is written in German. She takes a Romanian translator, Andrei. Between the two grows a strong attraction. The viewers of this film, called Il traduttore, can enjoy some beautiful sex scenes. They can see, above all, Claudia Gerini nude and very, very sexy. A few sequences, but rich in erotism. A must-have upgrade for fans of Claudia Gerini and Italian nude actresses.

Zeudi Araya nude from La ragazza fuoristrada

In the early 70s the director Luigi Scattini decided to face on the screen the problem of racism, which in Italy does not seem to exist, but it was only appearance. To do this, he chose the beautiful eritrean actress Zeudi Araya, who plays the wife of the protagonist in the movie La ragazza fuoristrada. He meets her in Egypt, falls in love, comes with her in Italy and here he marries her. Unfortunately, the woman encounters racism, malice and hypocrisy. Besides Zeudi Araya naked, in this film we can also enjoy a super sexy Martin Brochard, she’s dressed only with shirt and tights. And finally Lucretia Love naked.

Bo Derek nude from A Change of Seasons

Do you like Bo Derek naked in the bathtub or shower? Keep calm and think about it, then decide after seeing her in both situations. The videos that we just added in our archives are from the movie A Change of Seasons, which begins in the better way: Bo Derek taking a bath in slow motion and splashing water everywhere giving us a good view of her tits. Her desire to be clean is great in this movie, and a few minutes later we find her in the shower…

Charlotte Rampling nude from Signs & Wonders

If you like matures and you love naked actresses, the movie of which we speak today meets both your passions. The videos that we recently added to our archives are from the movie Signs & Wonders, where we find Charlotte Rampling naked in the year 2000, in all the beauty of her 54 years. Do not miss this update, along with the rest of the content that we add daily to our archives.