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Penélope Cruz nude from Open Your Eyes

Cesar is a successful, handsome and wealthy man. These talents help in making Sofia fall in love with him, she’s the beautiful Penélope Cruz. Unfortunately his ex-girlfriend is not very happy with this new conquest, and decides to tell him by crashing with the car against a wall while he is sitting next to her. From here on, we suggest watching one of the most beautiful films of the 90’s, Open your Eyes (Abre los ojos) by director Alejandro Amenábar. In the meantime, enjoy the nude scenes in HD that we have selected for you.

Christina Ricci nude from Prozac Nation

Prozac Nation is a true story, the biography of the journalist Elisabeth Wurztel and her depression. The title of the film can not be misunderstood, as it speaks of one of the most famous antidepressant medicines in the world. In the role of the young Lizzie, who attends Harvard University, we find the beautiful Christina Ricci. This movie is twice important for us collectors of nude actresses. It is the first Christina Ricci‘s nude film, and it is also her first full frontal. Do not miss these video clips from the movie!

Laura Antonelli nude from Il merlo maschio

No one seems to remember the cellist Niccolò Vivaldi, played here by the mythical Lando Buzzanca, but everyone remembers his beautiful wife, played by the never forgotten Laura Antonelli. They envy him and thanks to this envy he affirms his own existence. And so he starts photographing his naked wife, and showing the photos to his colleagues. Then he enters a whirlwind of exhibitionism with his own consort. He spies her after having forced her to strip in front of the doctor, the masseur, the thermal mud… until the maximum, when he will make her strip on the stage of the Verona Arena, during Aida’s theatrical opera! Il merlo maschio is a cult movie that shows Laura Antonelli naked and sexy, in one of his most malicious performances. Unfortunately, the quality is not very high, because the original negatives were destroyed by mistake.

Sherilyn Fenn nude from Two Moon Junction

In Two Moon Junction Sherilyn Fenn interprets the role of a senator’s daughter, who has a quiet life and an imminent marriage with a wealthy, handsome and boring man. In the city’s carnival a rough guy with muscles, long hair and obviously complicated life works. Guess who would fall in love with him? Maybe the girl will not give up on marriage, but she will still enjoy a much more substantial bachelorette party than the classic stripper in a club… In short: Sherilyn Fenn‘s total nude scenes in HD.

Diane Kruger nude from L'âge des ténèbres

A good way to start the week? Diane Kruger naked and in HD. We are all in love with this beautiful German actress and today we present some scenes from the French film The Age of Ignorance (L’âge des ténèbres). We are sure you will appreciate it, starting from the scene in the shower that reminds us of the great Italian classics of the 70’s, when the actresses were washed during filming and not after work. Together in the same movie, two more sexy bombs: Caroline Neron and Macha Grenon.



Caroline Munro and Nadia Cassini sexy from Starcrash

Starcrash is a low budget Italian Star Wars. A year after the release of the first movie of the most important sci-fi saga of all time, Italian director Luigi Cozzi makes his own version. Of course, the special effects are not the main reason why nerds like us should look at it, but the protagonist is the fabulous Caroline Munro wearing a fantastic bikini with a fabulous neckline and two galactic buttes! And Nadia Cassini delights us with a show in the typical astronaut bikini. An absolute cult, from which we extracted our HD video clips from our latest update.