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This is 40


Leslie Mann nude from This is 40

A married couple discovers the hardships of having 40 years. Children are a huge undertaking, there is no time for sex and blow jobs, work tires too much and they need too much money to live. Why does a movie with such sad circumstances should you care? For two simple reasons: Leslie Mann showing us her tits and the super sexy Megan Fox! A blonde and a brunette, both beautiful, that give us some kinky sequences. And we’ve the show in HD!

Zora Kerova nude from Terror Express

Another update and another rarity. Today we speak of Terror Train (original title La ragazza del vagone letto), an unpopular movie directed by Ferdinando Baldi. This movie isn’t a very good piece in its genre, the and it is quite far from the quality of L’ultimo treno della notte by Aldo Lado, to which it is inspired. But there is a very good reason to see it: the beautiful Silvia Dionisio and Zora Kerowa, both nude of course. And the blonde italian television showgirl from the 80s Fiammetta Flamini. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily update.

Lina Romay nude from Night of 1,000 Sexes

Jesus Franco as director and Lina Romay naked. A winning pair for yet another film interpreted by the icon of erotism Lina Romay. You can’t avoid getting excited in front of her breast or her round and plentiful bottom. In this film, as well as various nude appearances of the beautiful Lina, there’s also a delicate lesbian scene with Mari Carmen Nieto and then again an orgy, with Alicia Príncipe, too. So much bare skin, and fans of nude actresses can enjoy video clips extracted from this movie, in our archives. Now in HD!

Stefania Sandrelli and Marcella Petrelli nude from Desideria: La vita interiore

Stefania Sandrelli in a threesome sex scene with Marcella Petrelli. It looks like the erotic dream of a collector of nude actresses, but this sequence really exists and it comes frome the very rare Desideria: La vita interiore. The majority of nudes in this movie are by another cult actress: Lara Wendel. Total nudes, pantyhose, threesome… nothing is missed in this film. Don’t lose these videos!

Lady Cocoa


Lola Falana nude from Lady Cocoa

From Broadway to the movies, then gone to Italy to become the Black Venus of Italian television. And then the cinema in America and her career as a singer. This is, in short, the artistic history of a myth, alias Lola Falana, now retired in the convent of an enclosed religious order near Las Vegas. Of all her artistic career, we fans-of-naked-actresses are interested in a step, the scenes from the film Lady Cocoa, showing us the beautiful Lola Falana naked. Must-see sequences for all collectors of nude celebrities, the same scenes that we present in HD.



Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara lesbo scene from Carol

Who doesn’t like two nude actresses involved in one of the hot scenes in the modern cinema? Carol has one of these scenes with two special actresses: the fabulous Cate Blanchett and the sexy Rooney Mara. Three minutes of lesbo sex in a scene you’ll want to see again and again. Today we present it in HD. Cate Blanchett with her head between Rooney Mara’s legs is a special moment for spectators!