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Ingrid, Whore of Hamburg1 November

Olinka Hardiman Ingrid puttana d'Amburgo

The story isn’t a masterpiece – the first sentence is “You’ve a damn nice ass”, a good introduction to all further dialogues. But the story is the latest reason to watch a movie like Ingrid, puttana d’Amburgo, an hardcore from the early ’80s with the mythical Olinka Hardiman, the hardcore Marylin – that is named Olinka Wilde in Italian version. Today an hardcore update, dedicated to her and her thousands of fans. In the same movie we must underline also the presence of Elena Munoz.

La monaca nel peccato18 October

Eva Grimaldi

Today we present another very interesting update. We present a movie that is already in our archives but we added new clips and an higher quality. This movie will make many of you very happy: La monaca nel peccato, with a sexy Eva Grimaldi.

Quella villa in fondo al parco9 October

Quella villa in fondo al parco

Among all the movies we present in this new update, we must underling this as very interesting: Quella villa in fondo al parco , an horror movie by Anthony Ascot (whose real name was Giuliano Carnimeo). It isn’t an high quality movie but it offers a couple of scenes with Eva Grimaldi, and one is that with Eva having a shower, a great classical scene.

Ultimo tango a Zagarol7 October

Martine Beswick

It was 1973 and Franco Franchi had just left the couple with Ciccio Ingrassia, one of the most famous in Italian cinema. He tried to have a career as a single. The result wasn’t bad: he realized one of the most appreciated movies of the pulp genre, appreciated by Robert De Niro, Francis Ford Coppola and Wim Wenders. The last one included this movie in his top list movies. Of course we’re speaking of Ultimo tango a Zagarol, the parody – directed by Nando Cicero – of the famous movie by Bertolucci. Instead of Marlon Brando and Schneider, here the main actors are Franco Franchi and the beautiful and sensual Martine Beswick. We are sure you’ll like her very much…

Le avventure erotiX di Cappuccetto Rosso28 September

Le avventure erotiX di Cappuccetto Rosso

Do you prefer Chessie Moore’s big breast or a Karin Schubert’s mature nude ? Or theBarbarella’s false ingenuity? You have not to choose, you can have all this and more. Today we present some movies and shows, among which there is another cult hardcore movie: Le avventure erotiX di Cappuccetto Rosso by Luca Damiano, an hardcore interpretation of the famous tale “Little Red Cap” . Little Red Cap is a wonderful Barbarella, while the mythical Karin Schubert is the grandmother. This was the last hardcore movie with the beautiful Karin… her very last movie at all. In today update you can find the movie review and some video clips.

Animalità18 September

Milly D'Abbraccio

Our gentle journeys in the old hardcore production make us discover a very interesting movie, with some famous actresses such as Milly D’Abbraccio, Emanuelle Cristaldi (unfortunately she left cinema many years ago) and Pussycat. The movie we’re speaking of is Animalit√†. A group of managers and copywriters are bored by everyday life and decide to live alone in the nature. They communicate only through trumpets and animals sounds. Of course they dedicate the great part of their time to reproduction. In today update you can find a complete review together with some clips that will leave you breathless.